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Strawberry, Fruit and Vegetables Recipes by Nanette TrueloveFarm Cookbook

Strawberry, Fruit and Vegetables Recipes

Original and Adapted Recipes by Nanette Truelove

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Nanette’s cookbook contains imaginative yet practical recipes using a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare delicious meals that emphasize freshness, color, and flavor. These recipes are especially suited to those that enjoy eating healthy meals made with farm fresh produce. Many of the vegetable dishes are complemented with pasta, rice, lentils, and meat. And the strawberry and fruit desserts are tempting and delicious.

This compilation of appetizing and easy to follow recipes contains both original and adapted recipes by Nanette. It features her style of cooking and choice of ingredients.  Her method of cooking is suited to those with a busy life style who want to serve healthy meals that can be prepared with a minimum of effort; from the simplest soups to elegant desserts.

A special effort was made for each recipe narrative to be instructive and detailed to accommodate those with basic cooking skills. Ingredients such as, canned soups and sauces, frozen pie shells, Jell-O, evaporated milk, and whipped cream are used as a convenience to simplify and shorten meal preparation time.

Within the pages of this cook book you will find a variety of ways to take advantage of the wonderful and readily available fruits and vegetables grown locally. If you enjoy eating fresh wholesome foods--, you will love this recipe book.

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